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Step into the world of wound care with Drs. Anne Klassen and Andrea Pusic!

Updated: Mar 11

Join renowned clinicians Drs. Anne Klassen and Andrea Pusic as they dive deep into the world of the Wound-Q© questionnaire, the ground-breaking patient-reporting tool used to measure outcomes and quality of life of patients living with chronic wounds. Launched in 2016, Wound-Q© is a collaborative effort that spans borders, drawing insights from qualitative interviews with patients who bravely share their experiences of living with chronic wounds. From these conversations, Drs. Klassen and Pusic developed a comprehensive set of scales in Wound-Q© designed to capture the nuances of chronic wounds deemed most vital by those who understand it best - the patients themselves.  These are just some of the many topics the doctors cover in their discussion of Wound-Q©, which continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing wound care practices worldwide.


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